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Bengala & Indigo Dye Ito-shibori for Yarn or Cloth Workshop

More variations for Bengala dyeing! Not just using rubber bands, we use threads to make more patterns to dye. There are 100 shibori patterns in Japan. We will practice the way to tie with thread and learn how to dye with Bengala in the same workshop. We provide the pre-fixed cotton cloth (45" x 2 yards) to dye.

If you will dye yarn, please contact us for preparation. You can purchase at the workshop as well.

Fee & Materials:  $100

We supply 12 colors of Bengala plus Aijozome-Indigo color in the workshop. And a pre-fixed 45" width x 2-yard cotton fabric will be provided.

Workshop Cancellation Policy :  if you cancel...,

  • 48 hours prior : fully refundable or credit toward to other class & services
  • 1 day advance : 50% credit toward to other class & services
  • No show at venue : Non refundable