Aijo indigo dye


Aijozome is a pure indigo blue, easy and uses no chemical agents — just dissolve it in water. There is no harm for children to use Aijozome. It’s a natural dyeing method, made to meet today's earth-conscious and safety standards.


Extracted from fresh indigo leaves

Aijozome is made of a pure indigo pigment that is extracted from fresh leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria through the process of fermentation and precipitation.

Aijozome is made from natural Indian indigo that is grown and harvested from the soil in Tamil Nadu, South India. The method of extraction of indigo is only possible in Southern India where its climate is warm and mild.

Indigofera Tinctoria

Indigofera Tinctoria

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100% Natural and safe

Conventionally, indigo dye needs to be reduced by an alkali agent (lye) to dissolve in water, and so we have to protect the skin with gloves while using a harsh chemical agent.

However, our Aijozome is safe for you, as well as being safe for the environment. You can wash dyed fabrics in the sink at home. You don't need to worry about harsh chemical reactions when you are working.


History of Indigo

The word “indigo” spread to the world by trading companies established in India from the middle of 15th century to the middle of 17th century, so-called the Age of Discovery. Most indigo was traded and used as pigment in Europe. In America, indigo was used for dyeing denim fabric during the Gold Rush era. Indigo was useful to repel rattlesnakes from workers who wore denim. In 1900, synthetic indigo was invented from oil in Germany, which decreased the demand for natural indigo.

There are only a few places that still make indigo in India now. They still manufacture by hand like the old days, which makes indigo a very scarce and valuable material. During the process of drying and pigmenting, the microorganisms in indigo becomes inactive. To make the microorganisms active again, chemicals such as sodium hydroxide (lye) need to be added. Indian indigo is natural and safe but caustic soda is a harsh compound that can cause chemical burns.

Aijo: Ai (藍) means indigo in Japanese. Jo (錠) meant the tablet made of the ground Chinese herbs mold in a small shape.

Enjoy dyeing at home

Kosyokunobi is a family-owned eco-conscious dye company in Japan. They developed the new way to dye pure indigo blue with Aijo-indigo, without the use of caustic soda.

Not only for dyeing on fabric but also you can create any artwork by using it like watercolor paint. Also, Aijozome is beautifully harmonious with Bengala colors and can be mixed or over-dyed with Bengala to explore new colors freely.

Not only for dyeing on fabric but also you can create any artwork by using it like watercolor paint.
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100ml $22

100ml $22

Aijozome Products

NOTE:  Pre-fixer is recommended for more vibrant and longer-lasting Aijozome Indigo color on any material.