Pre-Fixer for Bengala Dye

Pre-Fixer for Bengala Dye

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Pre-Fixer helps to bring out the dye colors more vibrancy and efficiently.

Ingredient: Cation (positive ion surfactant)
Use 3% of total weight of dry material to dye.

If you have very sensitive skin, please wear gloves.

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Bengala Dye Pre-fixer is an ionizing agent that helps bond the Bengala pigments firmly to the fiber. As a result, the colors of your fabric will be deeper, more vibrant and longer lasting.
Patterns created with shibori techniques (e.g. tie-dye, shape resist-dye) will be clearer if the fabric is treated with the pre-fixer. Even though it means taking a little time for preparation, using the pre-fixer has many benefits. You can even dye synthetic fibers, like nylon or poly, without mordant or hot water. And pre-fixed fabrics require less Bengala dye to take on deep colors

*Use only 3% from total volume of application