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3-Day Summer Workshop: NATURAL ECO DYE

Loop of the Loom has designed projects for 3-day intensive workshops to master handcrafting skills! Based on SAORI philosophy which encourages freedom of expression, we teach children how to use tools and help them create projects that brings out their own ideas and abilities.

10:00am - 12:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Ages 8-14 (Adults can register if space is available.)
Fee: $180 incl. all materials
Discounts are available for siblings and multiple workshops.

Natural Dyeing with Flowers and Bengala

Day 1:  Flower Eco-Dye
Fresh cut flowers and fruits from our garden provide children with wonderful stimulation. It's fun to dye with the beautiful colors and aromas. It'll be an unforgettable experience!   

Day 2:  Bengala Stencil Dye Bag
The popular Bengala dye is back for children! Bengala is a safe and sustainable dye material made from minerals found in soil. Design on a canvas tote bag using our many stencil patterns.

Day 3:  Bengala Dye on Scarf
It's fun time! Bengala is safe and not messy. Perfect for children to dye a scarf and a tea cloth, using multiple colors and learning the Japanese shibori technique.