Bengala Workshop: Itajime Shibori + Tsutsugaki Dye

Bengala Workshop: Itajime Shibori + Tsutsugaki Dye


Join the fascinating sustainable dye workshop. You'll learn how to dye fabric with Bengala using a Japanese Itajime-shibori technique and a Tsutsugaki-zome technique.

One of a Japanese traditional dye technique, Tsutsugaki dye is a new class at Loop of the Loom. It's a color resist-dye method using a paste. We will start hand-drawing with the paste over a tenugui cloth, then color with a brush. The paste will be dried during the afternoon workshop. We will dye the Tsutsugaki pasted cloth in the end of the workshop.

Itajime-shibori technique make an amazing design even you are a beginner. After a short lecture and demo of sustainable dye method, you will make your own patterned tenugui cloth with a step by step instructions. A bonus project is your choice of a wool scarf, a cotton pillowcase, or tablecloth. Make a handmade gift for coming holidays. Hurry to register! Space is limited.

Fee: $160

  • Any colors from 12 Bengala dyes and indigo dye
  • 1 wool scarf or 1 cotton cloth
  • 2 pre-fixed 'tenugui' cotton cloth 30cm x 90cm
  • Paste

You can buy more scarves (silk, organic cotton) for extra fee.

Please contact us at for any questions.

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