Handwoven Poncho

Handwoven Poncho


If you are a new mom or friend of a mother with baby, this one-of-a-kind poncho is perfect for pregnancy right through nursing, and even more!
This origami style poncho designed by Yukako can be worn all year round and in 2 ways!
When you wear the shorter length on the front, it's a cocoon shape poncho and good for breastfeeding or pumping at work from both sides' sleeve. When you wear the longer length on the front, it's stylish poncho during your maternity period. 
Woven cotton yarn is soft and gentle on you and baby's skin. 

Our SAORI weaving is freestyle of handweaving. The bottom opening was hemmed by machine and hand sewn. This poncho is recommended hand wash or dry cleaning. 

Size: Women's Small to Medium

Width of poncho: 40"
Front length from top shoulder: 21"
Back length from top shoulder: 30"
Arm opening length: 17"
Waist Circumference of opening: 46"

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