Bengala Eco-Dye Itajime Shibori Kit

Bengala Eco-Dye Itajime Shibori Kit


This kit is a perfect gift for a person who loves handcrafts, natural products or sustainable ideas. It includes 3 Bengala mud dye colors to make a traditional Japanese hand towel - "tenugui". Comes with easy to follow instructions. With a pair of wooden sticks for color resisting, you can design a tenugui cloth with your original patterns. 

One bottle of Bengala color can dye one adult size T-shirt.  After you dye a tenugui cloth you can dye more fabrics, or store the leftover of bottles of Bengala in cool temperature for one year.

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3 - 65 ml Bengala dye color: Haruzakura (Pink), Fukagawa (Gray), Tetsushu (Orange)
1 - 30 ml Pre-fixer
1 - Japanese Tenugui  (cotton cloth 11"x35")
1 - pair of Itajime wooden pattern
2 - Rubber bands
2 - Instruction sheets


Bengala products made in Japan


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