Yarn Rack

Yarn Rack

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Yarn Rack

This yarn rack is designed for SAORI yarns to organize the volume of cones beautifully.  It has two sizes depends on your space or number of holding yarns.  Each rack has the leg attachments and it can stand by itself.  Design your weaving room with this rack!  Put it along the wall, or in the middle of the space as a room divider.  Without being connected or joined, the multiple racks can make a big wall of colorful yarns!

Approximate sizes of pegs on the Yarn Shelf 132 and 252

  • Width of each peg: 1.5cm (0.6in)

  • Length of each peg: 12cm (4.7in)

  • Distance between two pegs: 7cm (2.8in)

Yarn Rack 132
(hold 132 cone yarns)

Height  140cm (w/longer legs)
             100cm (w/lower legs)
Width   98.5cm
Depth  60cm (w/longer legs)
            40cm (w/lower legs)
Weight  10.2kg
Assembly time: approx. 1 hour

This model comes with two sizes of leg attachment. The longer legs to make the rack 40cm above the floor, which makes access to the people on a wheelchair. The shorter legs make the rack lower, which is the same as Yarn Rack 252. You can place this model on your cabinet or furniture.


Yarn Rack 252
(hold 252 cone yarns)

Height  183cm
Depth  40cm
Weight  16.8kg
Assembly time: approx. 2 hours

This model comes with the lower leg attachment which enables to stand alone. However, we recommend placing this model to lean against the wall, because the total weight with 252 cones of yarn would be 155 lb (70 kg).

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