New item just introduced.

This loom is wider version of SAORI WX60 looms. (assembly required) 

Size ( ):when fold

  • width:105cm
  • depth:76cm(29cm)
  • height:99cm (107cm)
  • weight:16.5kg
  • woven width:90cm

IncludedAccessories :

  • 1 reed (5 dents/cm)
  • 2 harnesses (including 630 wire heddles with bold holes)
  • 1 boat shuttle(medium size)
  • 15 bobbins
  • 1 bobbin winder (built-in)
  • 1 warp control pedal with hand lever attachment
  • 1 clipping rod with cords
  • 1 tying rods with cords
  • 1 reed hook
  • 1 heddle hook

*No ready-made warp is included in this package. 

* Full range of optional accessories are also available for WX90,  such as Reed (90cm), Harness, Tying Rod,  Spring system 4 harness attachment, etc.

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This loom is only available for drop shipping directly from Japan.

Assembly required (full instruction included).

Please allow  4~8 weeks for the actual delivery.

We will inform you shortly for the actual delivery schedule after your order is placed.