Sakiori Cutter (Fabric Cutter)

Sakiori Cutter (Fabric Cutter)


With this cutter you can cut many strips of fabric very easily and quickly. The cutter comes with a 5mm blade cartridge. 

There are optional cartridges with 4 different cutting widths. Use the Sakiori Shuttle to weave with the strips.

Optional blade cartridges with different cutting widths (from left to right: 4mm, 5mm,  8mm and 15mm)

See the video below to learn how to use the SAORI’s Fabric Cutter (Sakiori Cutter).

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SAORI Fabric Cutter is an innovative equipment to make strips for Sakiori weaving. You can cut many kinds of cloth easily with this cutter. Use the cutter safely after learning how to use it through this movie.