Bengala Itajime Shibori Tenugui

Bengala Itajime Shibori Tenugui


All-Purpose Cloth for Modern Eco-Living

Loop of the Loom has designed – tenugui - the traditional Japanese all-purpose cloth dyeing it with Bengala using various Itajime shibori patterns. 
This simple cloth can be folded and tied for any use such as table runner, tea towel, napkin, wrapping, head wrap or home décor. The best use is a hand wipe to substitute for paper towels to create less waste! Because there are no seams, it dries quickly even if it gets wet, preventing the occurrence of bacteria. In Japan, people collect various tenugui designs for its practicality and gift-ability. Bengala colors naturally coordinate well with each other, so a shopper can mix and match several items in different patterns.

Japanese tenugui (cotton muslin)  38” x 13”
Hand dyed by Loop of the Loom in NYC
Each piece is unique due to the hand-dyed nature, so variations in color and design are to be expected.

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