Natural Dyed Eco Bag

Natural Dyed Eco Bag


You might have many eco-bags already, but do you know that they are printed with synthetic dyes? Even the bags made of organic cotton or recycled material are still manufactured with chemical dyes.

We collaborate with small family owned dye makers in Japan to revive the traditional methods and dyes for a healthy lifestyle.

Our eco-bags are made of 100% recycled cotton.

We embroidered the name of the dye in Japanese on the edge of the bag.

Bengala Mud Dyed Bag ベンガラ:

The ultimate color is from the Earth. This mineral dye has natural UV protection.

Kakishibu Dyed Bag 柿渋:

Kakishibu dye is the fermented Japanese persimmon dye. It's antiseptic, insect repellent, mildew-proof and water resistant. The color deepens and develops a beautiful patina over years.

Kakishibu + Fe Dyed Bag 柿渋+Fe:

Using the natural reaction of tannin and iron, we create the beautiful shade of gray while it has the same character as Kakishibu dyes.

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