"How It Feels Falling for You" by Juliet Martin

"How It Feels Falling for You" by Juliet Martin


Paperback: 42 pages
Published in July 2017
Language: English
Size: 8" x 10" x 0.1" 

You kiss me and I fall off a diving board, but a swan dive becomes a belly flop. “How It Feels Falling for You” is a series of three-dimensional hand-woven tapestries portraying the pain of heartbreak. Combining weaving and drawing, the pieces satirize the trauma of – sigh – romantic life. Is being lovesick like shooting myself in the head? Is loving you a wasp sting? Do you make my stomach fill with vampire butterflies? What nightmare would we spawn? These sculptures know the answer. The spurs of love run deep. But playful cartoons with whimsical stuffed forms assure that you’re not alone – you can cry on these pillows. Spoofing the drama of love, my satiric fiber memoirs make being on the wrong side of a breakup a little less lonely. The burn of heartache can be soothed by knowing someone else has been there, too. All those guys, the ones I fell for, they are in you. He broke my heart, and he broke my heart, and you, you broke my heart, too. This is how it feels falling for you.  ----  Juliet Martin

As a studio artist of Loop of the Loom since 2011, Juliet Martin opened a new door for fiber arts.
Juliet Martin mixes tradition with experimentation in funny and ironic handwoven sculptural memoirs. She promotes intimacy with the audience by speaking with satire and humor about personal experiences. Her raw truths confront the viewer. In her work, she applies the Japanese philosophy of SAORI. With its Zen mindset, SAORI encourages free form work—no patterns, no rules, no mistakes. Every sculpture is an improvisation in awkward beauty: clumpy fabric, fighting colors, rough and smooth textures, ragged edges. By approaching weaving as both craft and fine art, she shows that questioning the intention can bring you solutions that are unique to the medium.

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