Kakishibu Dyed Organic Cotton Shawl

Kakishibu Dyed Organic Cotton Shawl


The all process of this shawl from the seeding of cotton to dyeing on fabric was by hand. This large wrap was woven with organic handspun yarn by a handweaver in a small village in China. The dye was made by a small fruit farmer on the top of the mountain in Japan. Loop of the Loom combined these two beautiful materials for people looking for the real clothing.

Both farmers produce ethical and high-quality materials over 100 years.

Kakishibu, a persimmon tannin dye, is one of the world's three major dyes and a traditional Japanese dye/paint of deep amber color which comes from unripe persimmons that have been fermented and aged for more than 2 years. This organic color is long lasting and has insect repellent and natural UV cut, yet mild to your skin. Because the extract of persimmon contains the medicinal ingredient transmitted from the old days.

- Size: 90 cm x 190 cm (include fringe)

- Hand dyed by Loop of the Loom in NY.

- Organic cotton scarf imported from Japan

- The color is stable. It doesn't fade in the sun.

- Hand washes recommended. You can use an iron set at low temperature.d.

- No Additives.

- Due to the hand-dyed nature of this product, slight variations in color and design are to be expected, making each unique.

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