Itajime-shibori Wooden Pattern Assorted Set

Itajime-shibori Wooden Pattern Assorted Set


Itajime-shibori is a shaped-resist technique. Traditionally, the cloth is sandwiched between two pieces of wood, which are held in place with a string, c-clamp or elastic band. The wooden shapes prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric they cover, creating beautiful patterns.
We duplicated a pair of wooden plates from a traditional Japanese pattern. You can design the cloth's pattern by folding the cloth in different ways such as triangles, squares, or more.

This pair is ideal for a tea cloth-sized fabric. If you would like to dye larger pieces of cloth, you will need to use additional plates in between the layers of fabric. Enjoy shibori dyeing!

  • 4 assorted patterns

  • Fabric and clip are not included

  • Please be aware that some wooden shapes may be missing the tips, but it does not affect the pattern because that part of the plate protrudes beyond the folded cloth. Unlike plastic, wood is flexible against compression, but will eventually deteriorate after many uses in water. We would like to offer you these tools made of natural materials, but if you are concerned about deterioration, you may apply a waterproof coating. 

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