Bengala Mud Dye Itajime-shibori DIY Kit

Bengala Mud Dye Itajime-shibori DIY Kit


This is a perfect starter set for a person who loves a natural handcraft with sustainable idea. Enjoy a Japanese Bengala mud dye and itajime-shibori technique!

Bengala is a mud dye for textiles. Made of sustainable material mined from soil, Bengala is eco-friendly and safe for people and was once used as a termite repellent and sunscreen for houses and clothing in Japan until 100 years ago.

This new eco-dye product lets us experience how we have been connecting with Mother Earth since ancient times, while allowing us to save resources through green living from now on.

With a pair of wooden sticks for color-resisting, you can create original patterns on fabric.

First, follow the instructions to pre-fix the fabric. Then fold cloth into pleats. Make square shape or triangle shape for basic. Then sandwich it with two wooden sticks. Both ends of the stick should be sticked out of the folded fabric. After bundling both ends of the wood firmly with a rubber band, dye it as you like. (You may use some C-clamps or spring clamps instead of rubber bands.) Try different ways of pleats and positions of the wooden sticks.

Dye the uncovered area. After the first color dyeing, lightly press with a dry towel, then repeat to dye on other section with another color. You can change the resisting area by move the sticks. And repeat to dye again. Creating patterns and colors are unlimited.

Enjoy Bengala dyeing!

Please choose from the assorted set of A, B, and C.


3 - 65ml Bengala dye color

1 - 30ml Pre-Fixer

1 - Japanese Tenugui (a cotton cloth: approx. 33cm x 100cm)

1 - a pair of Itajime wooden sticks

2 - Rubber bands

2 - Instruction sheet

Color Set:
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