Rent a Loom (2 weeks)

Rent a Loom (2 weeks)


Rent a loom today and start weaving at home! It's the perfect loom to complete your summer project! You can share the loom with your family and friends. Whether you’re on the East Side, West Side, Downtown, or Brooklyn, we offer the best deal for renting SAORI loom.

  • A loom from our studio in good condition.
  • 2 weeks rental for the summer season
  • The loom must be used by renter at their home within a radius of 8 miles of Loop of the Loom.
  • We will deliver the loom.
  • The renter must have knowledge or experience with SAORI weaving and setting up a warp. If not, take an advanced class at Loop of the Loom beforehand.
  • The renter can set the warp by themselves, or add $100 for a preset warp by Loop of the Loom.


  • $100: Preset warp roller by Loop of the Loom
    with 150 threads/12 meter black cotton yarn.
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