SAORI Book “Intermediate SAORI Clothing Design” English edition

SAORI Book “Intermediate SAORI Clothing Design” English edition


Selected 9 basic designs including pants and skirts.  4 types of seams added to make it possible to sew a wider variety of clothing. 

Includes SAORI's “templates” for necklines and the crotch for pants to make it simple, how to thread elastic waistbands.

SAORI weaving is finding your hidden self through hand weaving. The importance of SAORI weaving is not just making hand-made cloth instead of mass-produced cloth; rather it is “heart-made” cloth which machinery cannot create.
Let’s start a new lifestyle in which we “weave, create, and wear” our own one-of-a-kind clothing.  Listen carefully to the voice of your SAORI cloth in order to make the most out of its character.  We hope this book will be a great help for those of you who would like to make clothes out of your SAORI fabric.

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English Translation for “Intermediate SAORI Clothing Design” (Japanese Edition)
English Translation: Akiko Jo, Mihoko Wakabayashi
Proofreading: Terri Bibby
Copyright: Saorinomori/Sakaiseikisangyo Co., Ltd.