Natural Dyed Boro-Sashiko Potholder DIY Kit

Natural Dyed Boro-Sashiko Potholder DIY Kit


Make your own unique Potholder using the Japanese Boro Sashiko technique. Our easy-to-use kits include; 

  • 1 square of natural Indigo dyed fabric with a loop backed with insulation

  • 5 hand dyed patches, each kit offering a unique combination of organic colors

  • 1 bobbin of threads

  • 3 pins

  • 1 sewing needle

Simply layout your chosen patches on top of the insulation, overlapping and arranging them into your own individual design.

Once you are satisfied with your design secure it into place using the pins.

Sew through all the layers of fabric using the needle and threads provided. 

Enjoy designing your stitches, ensuring each patch is fully sewn to the insulation and knots are tied on the inside of the layers. 

Our Boro Sashiko DIY Kit is the perfect gift for a friend, and a fun creative activity to try at home. 

Finished size: 6” x 6”

Choose your base color from the drop-down menu. The packs are prepared with complimenting patches according to your base color.

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