Bengala Dyed Sheer Wool Scarf -Winter petals

Bengala Dyed Sheer Wool Scarf -Winter petals


A lightweight scarf to gently wrap around and keep you warm. This sheer wool scarf was dyed with Bengala which is mud dye made from sustainable material mined from soil. Three Bengala colors are beautifully blended when you are wearing it.  Bengala is an ancient color, made from the oldest pigments, and has been used since the Old Stone Age.

  • Size: 28" x 80"

  • Hand dyed by Loop of the Loom in NY.

  • Wool scarf imported from India

  • The color doesn't fade in the sun. This organic color is long lasting and has gentle UV protection, yet mild to your skin.

  • Please wash several times separately from other items. Excess pigments may come off at the first wash. You can use an iron set at low temperature.

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