Bengala Dye - K2 Gohun

Bengala Dye - K2 Gohun

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Color name: K-2  Gohun (胡粉)

* this color is used for toning or drawing, mixing with other Bengala colors

Ingredients:  Titanium dioxide from earth, Hypoallergenic natural rubber, latex, Water.  

*Note: This color is Titanium dioxide, not from  Iron (III) Oxide for other Bengala Color. (also contains in K-3, K-5 & K-11) 

  • 65 ml : Dyes approx. 1 T-shirt.

  • 200 ml : Dyes approx. 5 T-shirts or 2 lbs of cloth.

  • 1000 ml : Dyes approx. 24 t-shirts or 7 lbs of cloth.

Recommended product: Pre-fixer for Bengala Dye

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