Socks Gift Set by Ashi Goromo

Socks Gift Set by Ashi Goromo


Masuhisa’s 3 best selling cozy socks in a gift box.
For women 22~24cm / US size 6-8

  • Organic cotton warmer socks
    It's super comfortable as a roomy socks and/or a sleeping socks for cold feet.

  • Organic 5 toe socks
    Cotton absorbs humid, sweat and cold to keep your feet heather. As your fingers can be moved flexibly, it will help blood circulation of toes. All seasons.

  • Organic cotton ankle socks
    Enjoyable of softness of handspun cotton. It's perfect socks for person who doesn't like tightness of elastic socks. This socks use only one elastic thread in the weaving. It doesn't touch your skin.

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The Secret of "Ashigoromo's" comfort

  • The product uses cotton carefully grown in agrochemical-free fields which is carefully and gently knitted into the final product.
  • Cotton is harvested by hand and knitted by hand.
  • The soft twisted yarn from hand knitting includes a large amount of air that provides a natural warmth like being wrapped in cotton.
  • Handspun thread is soft and has unevenness, making it thicker and softer than machine spun thread.
  • The airy, gentle knit cotton absorbs sweat well, allowing wearers to be comfortable and feel clean and dry.
  • The thread is knitted roughly using traditional knitting machines in order to maintain and accentuate the benefits of Handspun thread and its irregular shapes.