Bengala Mud Dye Itajime-shibori Trial Kit

Bengala Mud Dye Itajime-shibori Trial Kit


Itajime shibori is a shaped-resist technique. Traditionally, the cloth is sandwiched between two pieces of wood, which are held in place with string. The shapes prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric they cover.
This is a perfect starter set to learn Bengala and Japanese itajime-shibori. As a gift for a person who loves natural handcrafts, this is a perfect! It includes 3 Bengala mud dye colors to make a traditional Japanese hand towel - "tenugui". Comes with easy to follow instructions. With a pair of wooden sticks for color resisting, you can design a tenugui cloth with your original patterns. 

One bottle of Bengala color can dye one adult size T-shirt.  After you dye a tenugui cloth you can dye more fabrics, or store the leftover of bottles of Bengala in cool temperature for one year.

How to dye

Tutorial Video 1

Tutorial Video 2

3 - 65 ml Bengala dye color (set A, B, or C)
1 - 30 ml Pre-fixer
1 - Japanese Tenugui  (cotton cloth 11"x 35")
1 - pair of Itajime wooden pattern
2 - Rubber bands
2 - Instruction sheets

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