Sashiko Workshop & Trunk Sale

Workshop: 10am - 4:30pm

Sat. Aug 24 (sold out)
Sun. Aug 25 (sold out)

Trunk Sale: 4:30pm - 6pm

Soul of Sashiko: Learn the spirit and skills of sashiko stitching!

Sashiko is the traditional Japanese art of decorative mending stitches and has become very popular among craft enthusiasts now.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn authentic Sashiko stitching from a traditional master, Atsushi Futatsuya, a third-generation Sashiko artist. You will be learning directly from his traditional family wisdom and years of experience with lots of hands-on guidance. 

This 6-hour workshop includes a lecture about the art and history of Sashiko, how to use a long needle and make beautiful stitches, how to transfer patterns to fabric, how to use sashiko as part of a mindful mending practice, and more ideas for your future project!

Let's practice together this meditative art and advance the Sashiko skills!

For this special event, Loop of the Loom will provide fabric dyed with Bengala and Kakishibu to add to the indigo dyed fabric from Upcycle Stitches. Combine two Japanese traditions in one beautiful and unique artwork!

Following the workshop, we will be hosting a trunk sale open to the public (4:30pm-6pm) of Upcycle Stitches’s Sashiko supplies including kits, fabric, threads, and artworks. Come and shop at this special opportunity!

About the instructor

Atsushi Futatsuya.jpg

Atsushi "Azu" Futatsuya is a Sashiko artist and curator who is the 3rd generation of a surviving Sashiko business family in Gifu, Japan. He grew up in a traditional textile artisan family who lived with a pile of fabric, needles, thimbles, and so many colored threads. After his father passed away, Azu and his mother Keiko founded Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya in 2015 to revive the Sashiko business, even though they live apart in America and Japan. Today Sashiko is getting popular because of its simplicity, beauty, and concept of visible mending. He has both sides of understanding – Sashiko as the “merely” stitching and Sashiko as the “super cool” art. His new company Upcycle Stitches promotes Sashiko artistry through offering workshops and high-quality supplies and building community around this incredible craft tradition.



Workshop fee: $300 incl materials

***Cancellation policy***

  • For full refund, cancel at least 14 days before the workshop is schedule to start.

  • 50% ($150.00) cancellation fee applied, when you cancel 72 hours prior to the workshop

  • No refundable, if you cancel after 72 hours prior to the workshop.