Birthday Parties / Group Sessions

Price Varies

Ages 6 +

Weaving parties are a great way to share and make a memory with others. Handmade creations make their party celebration extra special and unique!

Ideas: Birthday party, Family fun, Ladies gathering, Play group activity, Office team building, School trip

Up to 6 people:

  • Basic fee  $350 for 2 hours
  • Including instructor(s), up to 6 looms, materials
  • Each person can finish a mini tapestry and take it home.

7 to 12 people:

  • Add $35 per person to basic fee
  • Divide into 2 groups.  One group can weave a mini tapestry while the other group makes a felt animal. In the middle of the party, the groups switch activities. 
  • Each person can finish 2 projects (a woven piece and a felting work) to take home.


  • Add $120 to extend 30 minutes.
  • Ask for large group.  Alternate projects are available on request.


No food please.

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