Made Only by Hand


Masuhisa's pure and luxurious yarn is grown in raw organic cotton fields in the small village of China.

To feel the warmth of the farmers' and craftsmen's spirit, just put a skein on your palm - so light and gentle, you know you'll love knitting, weaving, or wearing it.  We want hand-spun yarn to evoke the tender relationship between the earth and ourselves, and Masuhisa's yarn truly does. 


Organic for Over 100 Years

Masuhisa's contracted farm has never, ever used pesticides or manures. The traditional methods make it unnecessary to use chemical or machines in the farm.


Art of Hand Spinning

Skilled artisans work on a traditional spinning wheel, unchanged for thousands of years. It requires such high skill and patience that even an expert craftswoman can produce only 200 grams of yarn in a day.


Benefits of Masuhisa’s Yarn

   Masuhisa's hand-spun   vs.   Machine spun

  Masuhisa's hand-spun   vs.   Machine spun

Unlike machine-made yarn, handspun yarn has at its core a hard twist that ensures lasting strength, while the cotton’s surface stays soft and fluffy.  It's gentle on our skin, cool in summer and warm in winter.  Moreover, it offers natural UV protection of nearly 96% – its airy, uneven, fluffy surface scatters ultra violet rays. It's been proven when you wear handspun cotton, you are protecting your skin from sun damage using the power of nature.

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