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Zen Weaving


Inspired by the experience of living, the art of SAORI zen weaving encourages self expression, personal growth, and healing.  

SAORI lets us celebrate the beauty of our imperfections by weaving differing colors, threads and textures into a fabric that reflects the masterpiece of our own humanity.


Hello, Brooklyn! —

Take 20% off at our new DUMBO location!

Due to our growing popularity in our Upper East Side studio, we decided to spread the SAORI weaving love to Brooklyn. Enter DUMBO20 coupon code on the appointment screen to get 20% off for your first class at Brooklyn as well as UES studio. Go ahead and spread the word!

  • Available only for the first class

  • Promotion until September 30th

  • Valid for booking your first 2-hour weaving session at the Brooklyn location until 10/31/19.



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