Aijozome: Aijo Indigo Dye

Aijozome is a new way to dye indigo blue developed by Kosyokunobi. It's easy and uses no chemical agents — just dissolve it in water! 

Conventionally, indigo dye needs to be reduced by an alkali agent to dissolve in water, and you have to protect the skin with gloves while using a chemical agent. 

Aijozome is made of a pure indigo pigment that is extracted from fresh leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria through the process of fermentation and precipitation process. It is 100% natural and safe! You don't need to worry about chemical leaks when you are working.

Aijozome does not become dark typical indigo blue since it is not reduced by a chemical agent to resolve in water. This is because only natural indigo pigment adheres to and dyes the fabric, retaining the medical effect as well. However, Aijozome is a beautifully harmonious with any Bengala colors and can be mixed or over-dyed with Bengala dye to explore new colors freely.

Aijozome is a natural dyeing method, made to meet today's needs and safe standards.

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NOTE:  Pre-fixer is recommended for more vibrancy Aijozome Indigo color and long lasting on any materials.

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