Sustainable Mud Dye


Bengala is a mud dye made of natural and sustainable material mined from soil. Using the traditional method and modern technology, it brings us the ancient colors conveniently to a new textile dye for fabric, yarn, natural fiber and paper. Bengala lets us connect with Mother Earth like in ancient times, while allowing us to preserve resources through green living from now on.

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Aijo Indigo Dye


Non-toxic! Add just water! This innovative Aijozome made natural indigo dyeing become a part of our everyday life.  It's easy and uses no chemical agents — just dissolve it in water or paint directly without dilution. Unlike other reducing agents for indigo dyes, you do not need to worry about polluting the environment.

It beautifully and harmoniously mixes and dyes over with any other Bengala dyes to explore new colors freely.


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Persimmon Tannin Dye


 "Kakishibu" is a traditional Japanese dye/paint of deep amber color which comes from unripe persimmons that have been fermented and aged for more than 2 years. Recently, kakishibu has been recognized again as a great alternative by more people who are interested in nature and wellness because it has many natural, beneficial effects such as an insect deterrent and anti-molding effect for wood and cloth.

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