Beginner Sessions

Sit, relax, and let go.  You can start weaving by yourself within a minute. Experience the SAORI way with over 500 materials!


2-hour Introductory Session

Experiment with SAORI weaving! We will guide you throughout the weaving process. It's very easy and fun for all ages! You can make a mini tapestry, or finish your preferable length by adding the time if the space available.

  • Weave on a pre-set loom.

  • Take your creation home with you.

  • By appointment at your own convenience.

  • All ages from 5 years old to adult.


Mindful Zen Weaving Session

Let yourself unwind, express yourself, and explore different ideas and materials for as long as you like during our studio hours from 11am to 6pm! Enjoy your day-long excursion through mindfulness zen weaving in our therapeutic atmosphere.

  • One-day single session

  • No experience necessary.

  • Weave with a pre-set loom.

  • Take your creation home with you.