Japan Textile Tour 2019


Discover Japanese Textiles, Culture, and More!
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Announcing our two-week long Japan tour which will be filled with fun discovery! Experience Japanese weaving, dyeing, spinning, knotting, and also explore natural dyes and bast fibers! Get an air ticket to come travel and learn with us! The route is the same as last year and it's perfect crossing textile related spots from the city to the countryside. We have planned 15+ rare hands-on workshops and more options. Don’t wait until next year! The cost for 2020 is expected to rise because Japan is the host country of next year’s Olympic Games.

To join our tour, first request the full itinerary from me.


Awa-ai zome (indigo) workshop

Tafu (ancient kouzo cloth) weaving workshop

Kakishibu (fermented persimmon tannin dye) workshop

Arimatsu shibori (traditional tie-dye) workshop

SAORI weaving workshop

Bengala mud dyeing workshop

Japanese hemp knotting workshop

Sustainable business study

Fiber arts rural school

Sakura (cherry) dyeing workshop

Sakushu-kasuri weaving

Craft supply shop / Vintage flea market

Benesse art islands



March 22 (arrival in Osaka) – April 4 (depart from Tokyo) 2019
You can extend the day before and after the tour.



MARCH 22-23

Learn the ancient dye technique from a master of Bengala dye, weave with Kenzo-sensei's initiation at SAORI-no-mori and study about 'Ooasa' Japanese hemp for spinning and knotting at Atelier Suyo.



MARCH 24-26

Stay in a traditional house converted from a kimono merchant's house in Nishijin which was once the famous district of weavers. (We will rent an entire house.) Enjoy living in Kyoto for a few days. Tenjin-san Flea Market will be open on March 25 where you'll find Japanese vintage treasures, including kimonos!




Dye a cloth with Awa-Ai, the most beautiful indigo blue made from rich soil and clear water from Yoshino River. Learn about the farming of indigo from a master of sukumo making. If we have time, we’ll visit to the indigo museum.




Trip to the village deep in the mountains to study how to make an ancient cloth ”Tafu" using local mulberry fiber.  It's a rare experience to learn spinning and weaving technique that is becoming almost extinct. We will take a private bus for 2.5 hour ride to get a secluded mountain village. If we have time, we’ll stop at a hot spring bath for rest.




Enjoy the view of the port town Onomichi from the temple on the hill. We reserved an entire mansion guest house to spend a relaxing day. 




Learn about sustainable businesses with a hands-on workshop from a natural dyer and a kakishibu dye maker who became a business owner to revive the abandoned tradition and industries. 




After soaking in an onsen spa at Uno port, we will go aboard a ferry to explore your favorite Benesse art island. Experience the designed environment in the nature of world-famous Seto Inland Sea. Free time all day.




Arts & Crafts Village is run by a natural dyer/fiber artist who will host various dyeing and weaving activities and foods in an old schoolhouse. Including a day trip to Katsuyama where is a historic town decorated with hand dyed storefront screens, and a Kasuri weaving workshop in Tsuyama




Arimatsu is the must-go place for textile artists. Take a hands-on workshop and a studio tour to learn the shibori techniques from two historic companies. The Shibori Musem is located in the center of Arimatsu historic district. 




Last day with tour mates, we'll enjoy the night of the metropolitan city. To fully enjoy the cherry blossom season in Tokyo, you may extend your stay even after the tour.


  • This small group study tour is limited to 8 participants.

  • We have planned 15+ rare hands-on workshops and more options.

  • You pay the actual cost of the activities, transportation, meals, accommodations (average $100 per night), and a small affordable coordination fee ($40 per day). See below for the estimate.

  • You have to buy your air tickets by yourself. Airfare is $1,060 including tax and fuel as of Jan 9. See below for the flight schedule.

  • I will advise how to get a portable WiFi.

  • You need a 7-day Japan Rail Pass ($267) before your trip. I will help you purchase this.

  • Most hotels allow paying in full by credit card when you check-out.

  • Our staying in Kyoto, Onomichi, Okayama and Arimatsu are reserved at Japanese style traditional houses during our trip. Two persons need to sleep in one room. Those big houses are renovated for international travelers and have a common space.

  • During transportation, we will be taking stairs or take a three-hour bus ride. Please be mindful that parts of this trip may be physically demanding for some.

  • I will meet you at Itami airport in Osaka on 3/22 and leave with you on April 4 from Haneda Airport to NY. You can extend to stay in Japan before or after the tour.  You don't need to get the same flights but we'd better meet in Osaka on 3/22.

  • $1=108 yen as of Jan 9.

  • Please request the full itinerary from me. Then let me know your commitment ASAP.


ANA offers a special price $976 in early January!! (incl. tax and fuel) This price is $400-$500 cheaper than last year if you purchase now!  ANA is a code sharing with United Airline as a star alliance member. You can collect the big millage.

Contact to Mr. Uchida IACE Travel at 212-972-3200, if you need to extend the date or upgrade.


Departure: March 21, 2019, 11:45am New York, (JFK)

Arrival: March 22, 2019, 03:00pm Tokyo, (Narita)

ANA (All Nippon Airways NH 009) Flight duration 14:15

Departure: March 22, 2019, 06:10pm Tokyo, (Narita)

Arrival: March 22, 2019, 07:40pm Osaka, (Itami)

ANA (All Nippon Airways NH 2179) Flight duration 01:30

Departure: April 04, 2019, 10:20am Tokyo, (Haneda)

Arrival: April 04, 2019, 10:15am New York, (JFK)

ANA (All Nippon Airways NH 110) Flight duration 12:55


$1 = 108 yen as of Jan 11, 2019

$1 = 108 yen as of Jan 11, 2019



So amazing! Everyone has been asking me all about the trip because of my photos. I had the best time ever and would have never been able to see the things we did without you! Thank you!
— Melanie
Thank you for everything! Your insights & intuition, patience & understanding, amazing & adventurous planning & attention to important details (like having hotels near the train stops). All of the special arrangements (like private buses) to amazing textile sites. Of course, I can’t leave out the great food (especially the picnic under the cherry blossoms) & the hot baths for R&R.

You thought of every detail and were so accommodating and thoughtful of our individual needs.

This was truly a trip of a lifetime for me that I will always treasure.

Japan is such a special country, spotless, clean, modern, historic, very scenic, but most of all it’s the Japanese people that stand out the most. Kind, thoughtful, considerate, honest, respectful, generous, helpful, conscientious.

Thank you again for all that you did to make this an amazing experience.
— Cathy
Thank you again for a wonderful whirlwind tour of Japan’s textiles! You did so much!!!! I really appreciate everything you did.
— Sono
Thank you again for a wonderful time!
I appreciate all the experiences you lined up for us, and so much more!
— Aileen
Everyone in the group talked about how hard you had to work for us. Have some extra nihonshu atsukan. (I could always remember the first word but not the second).

Juliet and I each had so many transformative, inspiring, numinous experiences — Juliet in art, and both of us in everyday culture — that it will take us weeks, months, years to process it all. But I will share photos faster.

Thanks again.
— Josh