A Mindfulness Zen Weaving Dojo


Loop of the Loom is home to New York City's first-ever registered SAORI weaving studio, gallery and authorized SAORI loom dealer.  As one of the SAORI Leader's Committee members in the United States, Loop of the Loom has the pleasure of introducing this unique and easy-to-learn form of, what we like to call, "happy weaving" to the Tri-State Area since 2005.


Our studio in Manhattan's Upper East Side offers classes and workshops, on-site and off-site, to individuals and groups interested in self-discovery, healing and having fun through weaving.  

With SAORI's growing popularity, Loop of the Loom has been invited to collaborate with local schools, hospitals, community events and museums.

Students at Loop of the Loom have created distinct and original tapestries, clothing, scarves, bags and many useful items that can be appreciated by all.  Other classes at Loop of the Loom include sewing, spinning and Begala eco-dyeing!  The Loop of the Loom gallery showcases new works created by those in the SAORI community.




Yukako Satone, Founder / SAORI certified instructor

Yukako studied visual design and worked as a graphic designer in Japan. At the age of 25, Yukako moved to NYC to work as an assistant art director for an advertising agency. After devoting her time to raising her daughter, she encountered Misao Jo in Japan, the founder of SAORI. Her meeting occurred one month before her traumatic experience from the tragedy of 9/11. Yukako practiced SAORI weaving as a form of healing herself and understood very early in her relationship with SAORI that this was something she would share.

Yukako hosted her first SAORI workshop near Ground Zero for friends and children in grief post-9/11. With a portable loom, she traveled to many places to demonstrate SAORI as a public art activity, and realized that SAORI is therapeutic not only for healing, but also for discovering the joy of living.

In 2005, Yukako became a certified SAORI instructor, and opened a SAORI weaving studio called Loop of the Loom. As a pioneer of SAORI in the US, she has been coaching its method in the local and global community. She received grants from Peace Stone Foundation as a teaching artist in Senegal and The Laura Lenzner Adasko Artist in Residence program at Bank Street School for Children in 2011.

One of Loop of the Loom’s missions, the “Weaving-in-Action” project is to introduce community weaving and to build an inclusive community for people with or without disabilities for self-discovery and independence using the SAORI method. There have been many SAORI workshops to create woven sculptures with children using NYC recycling materials as well as hands-on weaving instruction. These workshops have not only happened in the studio but also at the following events as public art with many organizations.


New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx

Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian at Columbia University Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center

American Museum of Natural History

The Manhattan Youth Community Center (Weave for Peace project after 911)

VSA Arts International Conference


Japan Society of New York

Parish Museum

Parson's New School

Fashion Institute of Technology

Bank Street School


SAORI Certified weaving studio owner

SAORI Weaving Skill Testing Association


Founder of SAORI Arts NYC (a non-profit organization)

Certified Member of SAORI Leaders’ Committee

Spinning and Weaving Association
Weavers’ Guild of New York

SAORI North America and Canada

Nobuko Tsuruta SAORI certified instructor / SAORI healing artist

Michiyo Shinohara  SAORI Instructor at Loop of the Loom since 2014.


Interns / Bartering shifts 
Loop of the Loom needs your work for various out of the studio workshops as well as studio works. You will receive the opportunities to visit schools, colleges, and various events, where SAORI weaving therapy is welcomed. Details, please ask Yukako.