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SAORI Networks
"Weave yourself!" A founder Misao Jo leads a SAORI creative weaving program since 1968. The headoffice is in Osaka, Japan.
SAORI global site The gateway to the global network of people enjoying or coaching SAORI, the free-style hand weaving program for everyone.
SAORI loom manufacture SAKAISEIKI is a manufacturer of  the best quality loom that brings freedom and creativity into hand weaving.
The museum of SAORI arts and hand weaving center in Osaka.
Certified SAORI Studios (SAORI Leaders Committee) in North America
SAORI studio in New York City.

SAORI Studio in the US since 2000. Mihoko and Nat welcome you to SAORI's world.

SAORI free-style weaving
Studio "FUN" provides the opportunity to explore this inherent creativity. Intensive weekend classes and B&B service available.
SAORI Salt Spring Workshops and classes are now offered in my quiet studio in the woods on Salt Spring Island, BC Canada.
SAORI Partners in Japan
Atrier SUYO opens its door for people with and without disabilities through SAORI and her music. Her workshops expand to US and Europe.
Welcomes visitors from both Japan and abroad to a small peaceful village in Okayama, Japan. There is also the possibility of craftspeople being given bed and board in exchange for conduction workshops in their chosen field. An exciting opportunity for foreign craftspeople considering the otherwise high cost of a visit to Japan. .
Jota A new SAORI studio at Hachijoji, Tokyo.
SAORI Partners in other countries
Cloth Haven
A place to share cloth related experiences - sometimes serious, a bit academic, sometimes ridiculous, historical or futuristic, luxurious or inexpensive, colourful or plain, fashionable or anti-fashionable. A stylish SAORI studio in Hong Kong.
The New York Guild
of Handweavers
The New York Guild of Handweavers furnishes inspiration, information and mutual assistance to persons working in all aspects of handweaving. Resources, meeting & events information, marketplaces, gallery, etc.

The Spinning & Weaving Association recognizes the need for a unifying voice that speaks for all of us who make our livelihood through spinning and weaving.

VSA Arts creats a society where people with disabilities can learn through, participate in, and enjoy the arts. VSA Arts is an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
A grand museum of plants. A place to relax, rejuvenate, and experience the wonders of nature. The New York Botanical Garden is all of these things and a great deal more.
Since 1899, Children's Aid and Family Services has been working in the communities of New Jersey. The result is a very wide range of programs ranging from daycare to adoption to elder care.

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